Bobby Deol Received Criticism Over His Casual Attire At Alanna Panday's Mehendi

Bobby Deol Received Criticism Over His Casual Attire At Alanna Panday's Mehendi

The wedding bells are ringing once again in the Bollywood business. This time, it affects Ananya Panday's family. Yeah, director-photographer Ivor McCray and Alanna Panday, Ananya's cousin sister and a social media personality, are planning to wed. Pre-wedding celebrations have already begun, and the first images from Alanna's mehendi ceremony are becoming well-known. Members of the Panday family, including Ananya, her parents Chunky and Bhavana Panday, Alanna's parents Chikki and Deanne Panday, and her brother Ahaan Panday, were present for the magical mehendi celebration. The event also saw the entrance of well-known actors and actresses from the film community.

Due to his attire choice during the mehendi ceremony, actor Bobby Deol, one of the celebrity visitors, became the subject of controversy among keen-eyed internet users. Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani posted a video of Bobby Deol and his wife Tanya Deol on Instagram on March 14.

Tanya, Bobby's wife, was shown in the film looking royal while wearing a richly embroidered white traditional outfit. Tanya enhanced her glam factor by wearing a see-through white dupatta over a sparkling Chikankari kurta and a pair of palazzo trousers with asymmetrical patterns. She wore thick, stone-encrusted jhumkas and jewelry on her forehead as her accessories. With a tight hair bun and dewy makeup, Tanya completed the look of her ethnic clothing.

Bobby Deol eschewed a traditional Indian attire in favor of a more laid-back appearance. He was observed walking inside the event while wearing a straightforward, full-sleeved blue T-shirt and a pair of relaxed, jet-black pants. The 54-year-old finished his casual persona by putting on a pair of patterned Kito sneakers. His hair was beautifully groomed, and he had a thick beard. After posing for photos, the famous couple bade the photographers farewell.

Without needing to mention it, social media users had a lot to say about Bobby Deol's clothing. "Bobby Deol look: 'Fresh out of the bed look,'" one person said. A snide reply from another user said, "Seedha jungle se aya hai idhr function attend krne..." Usy kuch mat kahy koi (He arrived to the event right away from the bush. He shouldn't hear anything from anybody.)

Is he really going to a mehendi ceremony wearing that? And if not anything else, gentleman, you could have worn a vest at least," a third user said.

Ivor McCray, the love of Alanna Panday's life, and she will be wed on March 16. At the mehendi ceremony, the adorable pair matched in mint-green traditional attire. Nandita Mahtani, Salma Khan, Karan Mehta, Alaviaa Jaffrey, and Helen were also present.