Check Here To See IU’s Complete 2024 World Tour Schedule

IU, the rising star from Korea, is getting ready for her forthcoming international tour, H.E.R. She announced on January 17 that she would be embarking on a lengthy 18-city tour that will stop at important locations in Asia, Europe, and the United States. The tour will start with an exciting four-night event for Indiana University in Seoul. From there, the school will travel to other Asian and European destinations, such as Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Illinois, New Jersey, London, and Berlin. The excitement of seeing IU’s captivating live performances for the first time is something that fans in the US and Europe can look forward to. Eager fans are expecting a musical experience unlike anything they have ever seen, even if tickets information for the planned global tour have not yet been revealed.

IU’s World Tour will stop at a number of renowned locations all around the world. The K-Pop star will begin the tour with a four-night show in Seoul on March 2-3 and March 9-10. After that, she will make stops in Yokohama on March 23–24, Taipei on April 6-7, Singapore on April 20–21, Jakarta on April 27–28, Hong Kong on May 25–26, Manila on June 1–Kuala Lumpur on June 8–9, London on June 21–Berlin on June 23, Bangkok on June 29–30, Osaka on July 6-7, Newark on July 15, Atlanta on July 19, Washington on July 22, Rosemont on July 25, Oakland on July 30, and finally, Los Angeles on August 2.

The pre-release single “Love Wins” by IU will be given to fans in addition to her much-awaited H.E.R. globe tour. The fact that she worked with V from BTS is exciting, and the song is set to drop on January 24. Excitement has been generated by the partnership between two legendary characters in the Korean music scene, IU and V. Admirers of both stars are eager to see the magic that these two gifted performers will produce.

In the meanwhile, IU will be releasing a new album in the next months, according to NME sources. This will be her first full-length release since 2021.

Since making her stage debut in 2008, IU has gained enormous fame. She first came to light with viral songs like Marshmallow and Good Day, but as her career progressed, she developed a reputation for herself in the acoustic pop genre. In addition to her accomplishments in the music business, IU has shown her acting abilities in dramas such as Hotel Del Luna, My Mister, and motion pictures like Dream.