Commercial masala movies with a lot of action but little logic

Commercial masala movies with a lot of action but little logic

One of the most anticipated movies of the year is Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham. Today, the movie Pathaan debuted in theaters. Fans are giving the movie positive reviews. A brief assessment of Shah Rukh's action thriller will follow.

Anecdote of Pathaan

The protagonist of Pathaan is Pathaan (SRK), a former soldier turned undercover spy (Spy) who is arrested while on an assignment. He is now back to defend his nation against Jim, a former R&AW agent who has gone rogue after being abused by his own people (John Abraham). The story of Deepika Padukone centers on Rubia, an ex-ISI agent whose loyalty is constantly called into doubt as she joins the mission. The struggle to overcome obstacles in order to rescue the nation is the main theme of the film.

Review of Pathaan

A thrilling action movie, Pathaan is full of action. SRK, Deepika, and John were all able to provide strong performances. The narrative flows well. However, if you like realistic or logical movies, you could be let down by the action sequence since it lacks logic. It sometimes becomes a little too unrealistic, but that's typical of action movies. Despite Pathaan's lack of critical acclaim, it is a popular masala entertainment. The primary goal of the film is to amuse; it does not attempt to have a social effect. References to Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) from "War" and Tiger (Salman Khan) from the "Tiger" series are made throughout the film.

Shah Rukh Khan's first major motion picture in more than four years is Pathaan. John Abraham is a featured actor in the action thriller, which is helmed by Siddharth Aanand. The movie is slated to hit theaters on January 25, 2023. Along with Hindi, it will also be released in Tamil and Telugu dubs. The movie will run on more than 2500 screens abroad alone and will open in a record-breaking 100+ countries.