Cookie's Presence Will Send Chills Down Your Spine; Face The Fear On Feb 28

Cookie's Presence Will Send Chills Down Your Spine; Face The Fear On Feb 28

Every year we see some scary movies releasing on the large screens. The theme is typically supported some spirit , haunted houses, others featuring a terrifying monster and a few that just feature regular citizens doing something horrific.

Horror movies have a captive fan base which never misses out on any new release. One horror-based film named Cookie is releasing on February 28, 2020, which may be a perfect amalgamation of an honest content-based story and spine chilling scenes.

Cookie may be a story about two top psychiatrists Dr Aparna and Dr Rajeev Kapoor who are too busy fixing the minds of the entire world till they're challenged by their own teenage daughter Cookie who thinks she will fix anything she wants. Her rebellious and defiant character keen on experimenting and seeking independence turns things into a sophisticated situation when one fateful night Cookie leaves her parents turning their lives the wrong way up .

The story takes a violent turn and that we see her vent out her resentments taking the film to a shocking end and showing us how far a contemporary teen can choose vengeance.

Talking about the film maker Smita Tripathi says, "Cookie is one film which will haunt the viewers for an extended time. i feel horror is one genre in films that basically needs more appreciation. Cookie has its heart within the right place." altogether probability, a number of her experiences of real horror are often credited to her time as a military officer's wife.

The film is unusual in its treatment because it depicts even daylight horror and doesn't break the rhythm with songs etc. The story covers critical social issues in its core although it's bang on the topic .

The film is directed by Lalit Marathe, Producer and artistic Director Smita Tripathi. Creative producer is Dhruv Tripathi, and therefore the production home is insight Cine Vision. The film's release date is February 28, 2020.