Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel post their "first of many selfies" on their honeymoon while wearing identical black clothing

Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel post their "first of many selfies" on their honeymoon while wearing identical black clothing

On Saturday in Mumbai, TV star Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel exchanged vows. A few images from the couple's wedding ceremony have been posted. The bride and groom were dressed in ivory for their wedding. On Sunday, Dalljeit posted the "first of many" honeymoon pictures with her husband Nikhil Patel on Instagram Stories.

On Instagram Stories, Dalljeit shared a photo of herself and Nikhil with the caption, "First of manyyy selfies of our honeymoon @nikpatel." The newlyweds are seen in the picture wearing identical black clothing. Prior to their vacation, the pair also shared a little video on Instagram. The pair alluded to their "many experiences" together, which would begin with a honeymoon, in the Instagram Post.

"We're about to go on the first of many global adventures as Mr. and Mrs. Patel. This one we'll name our "honeymoon"" In the caption, Dalljiet and Nikhil made a comment. She may be seen waving and blowing kisses to the camera while sitting on a baggage cart in the brief video Dalljiet and Nikhil released on Instagram. Nikhil is operating the baggage cart in what seems to be a hotel hallway.

Actors Ridhi Dogra and Karishma Tanna had already posted a few images and videos from the wedding on Instagram. During the Hindu wedding, Dalljiet donned an ivory lehenga with a crimson dupatta. She accessorized the ensemble with diamond jewelry that included a nose ring. In her Instagram Stories, Karishma posted a photo of the two of them together. She was joined by her husband Varun Bangera, who was dressed in a black suit, and accessorized with an orange lehenga and pearl jewelry.

Dalljiet and Nikhil got engaged in January in Nepal after meeting at a party in Dubai. She recently spoke to The Times of India in an interview on her son's relationship with Nikhil, saying, "Jaydon is pretty sophisticated for his age. He would question me if I was thinking about the person I was seeing for marriage when we had previously dated. He has always wanted a father figure, but I had to make sure I got him a good one and myself a good one since it would affect both of our lives. He addressed Nik (Nikhil Patel) as papa on his own, however, when they first met a few months ago.

Before, Dalljiet Kaur was wed to Shalin Bhanot of Bigg Boss 16. After her wedding, Dalljiet and her son Jaydon are allegedly moving to Nairobi, Kenya. 2014 saw the birth of Jaydon to Dalljiet and Shalin. Aariyana, 13, and Aanika, 8, are two of Nikhil's other daughters from a previous marriage. In several images posted on social media, one of them was seen attending the wedding festivities. Both daughters were included in Dalljit's wedding mehendi design.