Day 13 box office receipts for “Eagle”: Ravi Teja film brings in 23.78 in India

Since its February 9th release, Ravi Teja’s “Eagle” has had a positive run at the box office. Key parts in the Karthik Gattamneni-directed film include Madhoo, Navdeep, Vinay Rai, Kavya Thapar, and Anupama Parmeswaran.
As to Sacnilk’s report, the film has earned around Rs 0.28 crore on its 13th day of release, in line with initial projections. This takes its total box office receipts to 23.78 crore in India and 30.85 crore globally.

According to the data, there were not as many profits made in the second week of the movie’s release as there were in the first. In a second, the film barely manages to break a crore. Day 12 and 11 receipts reveal that the film barely made Rs 0.31 on each of those two days. ‘Eagle’ had an overall Telugu occupancy of 15.75% on its second Wednesday.

Since its premiere, the film has garnered a lot of praise from viewers, thanks in large part to Ravi Teja’s distinct look and charisma, which captivated the audience as he played an assassin.
The producers would have liked to see a rise in the earnings charts, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as the movie appears to have lost its initial momentum after Week 1. The filmmakers, however, are upbeat about the movie’s performance in the next days.

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