Death at the police station: Family relocates to HC

The Calcutta High Court was brought today by the deceased’s irate relatives. The victim passed away while being held captive at the Amherst Street police station, purportedly as a result of police brutality. In order to unravel the enigma surrounding the strange case, they are requesting the release of CCTV video of the occurrence inside the police station and his post-mortem at a major government facility such as All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in any city across the nation.theindiaprint.com death at the police station family relocates to hc calcutta highcourt 11zon

Ashoke Kumar Singh, a middle-aged Bihari resident who lived on Patuatola Lane, passed away after being reported for cell phone theft at the Amherst Street police station. According to Singh’s relatives, he died in the thana as a result of police brutality. However, authorities refuted the accusation, stating that he fell due to an abrupt seizure episode.

Following his untimely death on Wednesday night, irate family and neighborhood residents stopped the route, causing tension in the College Street area. They addressed Justice Hiranmay Bhattacharya and Chief Justice TS Sivagnanam of the Calcutta High Court Division Bench. Additionally, they insisted on filming the whole post-mortem procedure. The petition has been accepted by the Division Bench, and it is anticipated that the case will be heard either on Thursday or Friday in the second half. The petitioners fear that if a postmortem is performed in a state-run facility, there is a good chance that the report would be falsified in order to obliterate all evidence related to this case.

According to the victim’s relatives, he was called to the police station after he was suspected of buying a stolen cell phone. After visiting the police station on Wednesday afternoon, his family was notified by the authorities that he had passed away there. The deceased’s nephew Bijay told the reporters that his wife Rajani hurried to the police station after receiving word from the police. “She discovered my uncle’s corpse there, lying on the grounds of the police station.

She could even see bruises on his body. The nephew said, “It was obvious that the police had physically assaulted him during questioning, which resulted in his death. Police said that the postmortem report showed no signs of marks from injuries on the deceased’s body. Given his history of several illnesses, it was a case of natural death. On Wednesday, he had experienced a brain attack. The morgue at Medical College Hospital served as the site of the post-mortem.


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