Discover an actress who starred in several successful movies, gave up acting to become an IAS officer, and achieved AIR on the UPSC test

Although we often see performers portraying IAS officials in movies and television programs, it is uncommon for anyone to decide to quit the glamorous world of show business and pursue a career as an IAS officer in real life. We’re going to tell you about HS Keerthana today, who made the decision to become an IAS official instead of continuing her career as a child actor.

One of the hardest tests in India is the UPSC exam. Many individuals have aspirations of passing it, but after several unsuccessful efforts to find other government positions, they give up. But HS Keerthana rose beyond all obstacles, from being a kid artist in TV series and films to becoming an IAS official, by taking on every difficulty head-on.

Popular child artist HS Keerthana had appearances in a number of daily soap operas, including “Karpoorada Gombe,” “Ganga-Yamuna,” “Muddina Aliya,” “Upendra,” “A,” “Kanoor Heggadati,” “Circle Inspector,” “O Mallige,” “Lady Commissioner,” “Habba,” “Dore,” “Simhadri,” “Janani,” “Chiguru,” and “Putani Agent.”

However, HS Keerthana took the UPSC test in hopes of fulfilling her childhood ambition of becoming an IAS officer. HS Keerthana failed the first time around. Even though she failed the UPSC test five times, she persisted. She passed the UPSC test on her sixth try with an AIR of 167, and her first assignment was as an Assistant Commissioner in the Karnataka district of Mandya.

She took the 2011 Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS) test before becoming an IAS officer. She spent two years as a KAS Officer after passing it, and then she pursued UPSC.

Her path is inspirational since she pursued her goal of becoming an IAS officer while juggling her acting profession. Her tale shows us that, despite the numerous obstacles, anybody can accomplish their goals if they are determined and work hard.

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