Discover Everything About Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram’s Choice of a Traditional Meitei Wedding Ceremony

In a traditional and exquisite Meitei wedding ceremony in Imphal, Manipur, Lin Laishram, a resident of Manipur, and Randeep Hooda, originally from Haryana, exchanged vows.

To those who are unaware, Meitei weddings, or Luhongba, are a symbol of the Meitei community’s rich cultural heritage. Festive gatherings with colorful costumes and a rich tapestry of customs symbolize the community’s pride in its culture.

Extensive pre-wedding customs precede Meitei marriages. “First, the Heijingpot, which is held at the bride’s house two days before to the wedding. The exchange of food items provided from the groom’s house takes place at this occasion, and in the afternoon and evening, the bride’s guests are invited to a fun get-together. The bride’s family representatives officially invite the groom’s family to the planned wedding celebration at Bor Barton the following day. The wedding day, or Luhongba numit, begins at the bride’s house at 1 PM when the groom arrives and ends at 6 PM when the bride and groom go to the groom’s dwelling. After five days following the wedding, the Mangani Chakouba, a lavish feast at the bride’s home, is hosted. A significant number of guests, between 200 and 500, go to celebrate, according to Sanatomba Lairikyembam Singh, a business consultant with Reliance.

Bride’s Garb

Meitei brides wear the dazzling “Innaphi,” a wraparound robe, and the “Phanek,” a handmade silk garment. Traditional jewelry such as the “Kajenglei” bangle, “Jegoinu” earrings, and “Kokyet” necklace adorns the outfit. The groom’s traditional “Pheijom” clothing and unusual “Pagri” headpiece match this. The Meitei people’s artistic sensitivities and rich cultural heritage are reflected in these outfits.

opulent feast

Manipuri traditional foods like “Eromba” and “Singju” are served during wedding ceremonies. The lively “Thabal Chongba” dance gives the festivities a creative touch. These acts enhance the liveliness and cultural uniqueness of Meitei weddings in addition to providing entertainment.

Meitei weddings are essentially a tasteful fusion of grandeur, culture, and custom. The intricate customs, unique attire, and joyous ambiance perfectly capture the community’s profound cultural pride, making these marriage ceremonies an intensely visual and poignant event that embodies the very core of Meitei identity.