Dragon Life anime is set to premiere in 2024. Goodbye

A gripping television animation based on Hiroaki Nagashima’s enthralling books “Sayonara Ryūsei, Konnichiwa Jinsei” is in the works, and excitement is building as DMM Pictures announces its ideas. Illustrator Kisuke Ichimaru and character designer Kurono collaborate with Nagashima to immerse viewers in the magical realm of “Good Bye, Dragon Life.”
DMM Pictures offers fans a teaser trailer, a breathtaking visual, and an intimate look at the primary actors and crew, offering a glimpse inside this enchanted world.

The following characters are expected to take the lead in this fantasy journey: Shunsuke Takeuchi as Dolan, the once-indomitable dragon who is now reincarnated as a modest human navigating the challenges of a novel life.
Hitomi Sekine as Celina: An enigmatic lamia who meets Dolan and sets off on an unexpected, norm-defying journey.
Directing this epic story to completion are the seasoned hands of Ken’ichi Nishida, a director best known for “Papuwa,” and the artistic talent of Naokatsu Tsuda, a director best known for “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” Character designer Nozomi Kawashige contributes her skill, giving each endearing personality life, while musical masterminds Tatsuhiko Saiki and Hanae Nakamura guarantee an entrancing symphony that will raise feelings.
The story takes place in a world where Dolan, who was formerly regarded as the strongest dragon, perishes prematurely at the hands of people. Dolan, who was reincarnated as a lowly peasant, finds comfort in the simplicity of country life—until destiny brings him into contact with Celina, a lamia yearning for affection. Their paths cross over, and they get enmeshed in a web of enemies that tests the strength of their relationship as they cross over from human to monster.
“Sayonara Ryūsei, Konnichiwa Jinsei” made their online book debut in 2013 and immediately won over readers. The story was first published as a book by AlphaPolis in March 2015, and by January 2023, the series had published an astounding 23 volumes. An engrossing manga adaptation by Nagashima and Kurono took the plot even farther, first hitting bookstores in December 2015.
Fans are excited to dive into the engrossing world of “Sayonara Ryūsei, Konnichiwa Jinsei,” where the lines between human and monster are blurred and adventure is waiting around every corner, as they wait in anticipation for this much-awaited anime adaptation.

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