During Jimmy Fallon's program, Jimin discusses the idea for the song "Face" and shares his favorite nickname

During Jimmy Fallon's program, Jimin discusses the idea for the song "Face" and shares his favorite nickname

Jimin, a member of BTS, appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday to promote his first solo album Face. With the show's presenter Jimmy Fallon, Jimin discussed the other BTS members, including RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook. He also discussed Face, his encounter with US President Joe Biden, and his five Grammy Award nominations.

In response to receiving a Grammy nomination, Jimin said: "Thanks to the fantastic support of our fans, we were nominated. I'm grateful for it." Jimin smiled and waved at the audience as presenter Jimmy Fallon claimed that BTS and Jimin had the best fans.

Jimin mentioned communicating with the other group members and remarked, "We have been in touch." When Jimmy specifically inquired with whom, Jimin said, "J-Hope," to the audience's yells. When asked what his favorite moniker is, Jimin said, "Jimin Fallon."

Jimin then pointed and laughed as Jimmy displayed a photo of the singer as a child to him and his audience. He stated: "I love it. Here I am." Jimin also took a photo adjacent to the subject. When asked whether creating music was always his intention, he said, "In middle school, I developed a passion for dancing. My goal has always been to act on stage." When asked whether he could envision how huge it grew, he said, "No, certainly not."

Jimin said visiting US Vice President Joe Biden at the White House "It was a wonderful honor to be able to contribute to such a worthwhile cause and have a good influence. He advocated for more public engagement in contemporary concerns. It also caused me to reflect hard about them."
When asked whether he has ever been star struck, Jimin first mentioned Jimmy Fallon. Afterwards he described him as "funny and nice." He said that the singer Halsey has him star-struck. Jimin stated: "She is compassionate. She has a gift that would wow everyone. Our whole membership adores her."

While discussing the motivation for his solo album Face and what it means to him, Jimin stated, "In reality, this record reflects back on the feelings I experienced chronologically during the epidemic; I believe many people are aware of this. Hence, I would be pleased if many people could identify with it."

Jimin also addressed the query of if he performs a brand-new song for the other BTS members. "We let one another listen to it after the words are finished and when it is set to music, so when it is completed to some degree," he explained. As the video came to a close, Jimmy was given a dance lesson by Jimin.