“Eleanor the Great,” which Scarlett Johansson is directing for the first time, stars Marvel actors

For “Eleanor the Great,” Scarlett Johansson is directing for the first time, and she has assembled a strong ensemble for the picture, including some actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Erin Kellyman, Broadway actress Jessica Hecht, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Oscar contender June Squibb will co-star in the film.
Squibb portrays Eleanor Morgenstein in “Eleanor the Great,” formerly known as “Eleanor, Invisible.” Eleanor is a ninety-year-old lady who is reconstructing her life in New York City after the death of her dearest friend.

After ‘Thelma’s’ Sundance debut, this film represents Squibb’s second recent main role. On the other hand, Ejiofor, who is renowned for his roles in the Oscar-winning movies “12 Years a Slave” and “Doctor Strange,” will also feature in the film with Steve McQueen and Erin Kellyman, two more MCU stars. Completing the cast is Jessica Hecht, who has collaborated with Johansson on Broadway.

The movie is now preparing for its theatrical debut, albeit the precise date hasn’t been revealed yet. Screenplay author Tory Kamen wrote it.
With its impressive cast, “Eleanor the Great” seems to be a remarkable cinematic experience. ‘Asteroid City’ was the final movie in which Johansson appeared. Despite being a huge smash with reviewers, the movie was not nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture or even Best Director.

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