Fahad Ahmad and I went on our first date to Sunder Nursery. Swara Bhasker

In the love tale of Swara Bhasker and Fahad Ahmad, Delhi has a particular significance. Despite meeting during a rally in Mumbai, the couple’s love developed in Delhi. Delhi has played a significant part in Swara-Fahad’s life from their first date at Sunder Nursery to celebrating their union with wedding festivities at Swara’s nani’s home in Sainik Farms. Their daughter was also born in Delhi.

It was in Delhi that I realized he is a trustworthy man and that I can rely on him. We were working on the India, My Valentine event and its first event, which was scheduled for around Valentine’s Day in 2020. And we were only receiving around ~2,000 or ~3,000 from others. Nevertheless, one night, Fahad came to my house in the middle of the night from Mumbai, and he handed me about ~50,000. I was moved when he told me that he had gathered this for our event since it wasn’t about the money and he had done it out of pure kindness. It was about the work he had done, and I realized—and this is so difficult for me to do—that I can rely on him. It was very important because after we began dating, he visited Delhi and got to know my parents,” recalls Swara.
“We had gone to restaurants once or twice when we were dating in Mumbai,” Fahad continues, “but we had only met each other’s families and friends in Delhi.” Additionally, we visited Sunder Nursery; it was our first picnic and date. Delhi mein dalke humne cheezein jaldi-jaldi kar di, Mumbai mein pyaar first gear mein tha. Thus, Delhi has a special place in our hearts, according to Fahad.

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