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According to actress Sanya Malhotra, it’s crucial to provide neurodivergent learners with an atmosphere that is both disciplined and adaptable. centered on independent living and life skills. April is Autism Awareness Month, a time to spread knowledge about autism, a developmental disorder caused by abnormalities in brain chemistry.

Sanya, who recently appeared in the film Sam Bahadur, was present at the “So-Hum Smiles” inauguration ceremony, which is a unique school for people with neurodivergent personalities.

The actress expressed her happiness at the launch of the center, saying that it is urgently needed to serve neurodivergent people. For these individuals, finding a flexible but regulated learning environment that emphasizes independent living and life skills is essential. Not only is it necessary to provide these children and adults a place in society, but it is also necessary for society as a whole to improve. I have no doubt that the center will positively influence many lives.

The next movie that Sanya will be featured in is Mrs., an adaptation of the Malayalam movie The Great Indian Kitchen. International attention is already being drawn to the Arati Kadav-directed film.

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