For Nysa and Yug, Kajol Has A Strong Message: “Take Trolling With A Pinch Of Salt”

There is no denying Kajol’s success in the film business, but like any trip, it has not been without obstacles. Despite her outstanding accomplishments, she has faced challenging situations that have tried her fortitude, such as intense internet harassment. Kajol has a special message on her 49th birthday for everyone who suffers from internet harassment, not only her children Nysa and Yug.theindiaprint.com adah sharma announces a break due to health concerns and promises to return soon download 2023 08 05t145621.411

Kajol said in an interview that she often speaks to her kids on how to deal with internet bullies. She tells Nysa (20) and Yug (12) to be skeptical of the negativity. Kajol thinks it’s important to not take trolls’ comments too seriously or to not reply to them all. Why? “Because roz kuch na kuch nikal raha hai, roz kuch na kuch bol rahe hain,” she said.

Nysa, the daughter of Kajol, has received a lot of trolling in the past. The actress addressed this matter by stating that she often instructs her children not to pay attention to it. She continued by saying that she wanted to inspire others on her birthday to avoid being persuaded by just a few social media influencers. She wants children to think for themselves, believe in their intuition, and make their own decisions.

Kajol emphasized once again how these trolls should not be taken seriously. “I saw several headlines that said ‘brutally trolled’. What precisely does it imply, and who are these ruthless trolls that are cruelly mocking me or my family, I wonder. Saying that a star received savage trolling for carrying a pair of shoes to the airport is also over the top. One must be able to laugh at themselves and take everything with a grain of salt, she said.

Kajol used the opportunity to thank her followers for being by her side when she was the target of ugly trolling during her interview with the news site. Kajol has entered the realm of OTT with projects like Lust Stories 2 and The Trial on the professional front.


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