For Vishnuvardhan’s The Bull, Salman Khan and Karan Johar reunite after 25 years; filming begins in February

After a 25-year break, Salman Khan and Karan Johar are reuniting for a high-profile action movie helmed by Vishnuvardhan. According to reports, Salman Khan will play a paramilitary officer in the movie, which is based on a real event. Originally, it was scheduled to begin production in November 2023 and be released on the big screen during Christmas weekend in 2024.theindiaprint.com an intelligence bureau officer posts that registrations for 995 positions are now

According to report, a source connected to the project has disclosed that Salman Khan is scheduled to begin filming the Vishnuvardhan film in February 2024. Salman Khan has given Karan Johar bulk dates for this massive action thriller that is based on real-life incidents. The preparation to alter Salman’s physical shape has already begun, and he will be filming this movie from February until August, the insider said. The movie will feature a more slender Salman. Salman Khan’s Eid 2025 movie release is anticipated, but the precise date will be announced as soon as shooting gets underway.

At the Dharma Production Office in Mumbai, the movie’s preproduction is discreetly getting under way. The crew will soon start building the sets. Rather of using a lot of visual effects, Karan and the crew want to build up many costly sets in Mumbai to faithfully reproduce the historical period. “Karan and associates want to build many expensive sets in Bombay, with the goal of deploying a professional art team to reproduce the past rather than relying only on visual effects to replicate it. Additionally, the outfits and uniforms are still being worked on. They want to maintain the aesthetic’s integrity. The insider said that the movie, which is based on one of the Indian Army’s most valiant operations, is working under the working title The Bull.

The insider said that while filming was originally scheduled to begin before the New Year, the company decided to put extensive pre-production first. After everything is finalized, they want to start shooting. As a paramilitary officer, Salman Khan’s action scenes in this movie will be different from those in his other films. The Indian Army is the main focus of the movie, which aims to fully respect their objectives and bravery.

The Bull, which follows the National Award-winning film SherShaah, will be Vishnu’s second Hindi feature as director.


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