Govinda and David Dhawan Mend Years After Argument

All unfounded speculation about Govinda and director David Dhawan’s reunion has been officially dispelled. Govinda said in an exclusive interview that their reconciliation happened long before the current Diwali celebration, when they were seen chatting at Ramesh Taurani’s party.theindiaprint.com govinda and david dhawan mend years after argument 18govinda david1 11zon

Govinda said in a recent interview that their first discussions were not about going back to the past or having “filmy talk.” The actor conveyed his happiness at the fans’ unwavering support and their continued optimism for him and David Dhawan to work together. “I’m happy that some individuals still believe that cooperation is important. Govinda said, “Yeh unka pyaar hai (It is their love)”.

Govinda underlined that their meeting at the Diwali celebration was the second since they had laid down their differences, emphasizing that the reconciliation had already occurred. According to his account, it was a delightful party with delicious food and memorable memories. Govinda said, “We don’t believe in raking up the past,” dismissing the necessity to ruminate on the past. Why consider it? That is not required. Let the past move past.

When discussing the earlier conflict with David Dhawan, Govinda used a caustic tone in an interview with journalist Rajat Sharma. Considering the long working relationship with the director, Govinda said, “I don’t think his son will also do 17 films with him.” I had no concept what it meant to collaborate with the same director on so many movies. Even my family members weren’t treated the same way I did him. Though I haven’t collaborated on 17 films with my brother, he is also a filmmaker.

Although David Dhawan hasn’t officially addressed Govinda’s remarks, a person close to the director shared some observations. According to the source, David could feel the same way if Govinda thinks that the 17 movies he co-directed with David are the reason he would always be appreciative. He won’t do it, however. This viewpoint clarifies the complexities of their working relationship and implies that, despite Govinda’s possible appreciation, David Dhawan could not feel the same way.

According to reports, Govinda was disappointed when David Dhawan worked with other actors like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, which could have strained their professional relationship. But based on their recent reconciliation and shared emphasis on happy memories, it seems like both of them are ready to move on and let the past go.


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