Gurinder Chadha Dispels “She And I Met” Disney Princess Film Casting Rumours Featuring Alia Bhatt

Mumbai: There has been a lot of attention lately due to the rumour that Alia Bhatt is the leading candidate for Gurinder Chadha’s Disney musical about an Indian princess. Bend It Like Beckham’s director, Gurinder Chadha, has addressed the rumours. Gurinder Chadha tweeted on Saturday in response to a recent article that carried the title, “Alia Bhatt to star in Gurinder Chadha’s next, backed by Disney?” Continue reading for further details.

Is Alia Bhatt playing an Indian Disney princess soon?
A lot of enthusiasm and expectation seem to be surrounding Alia Bhatt and Gurinder Chadha’s possible partnership on a Disney-backed film. Supporters and business insiders are excitedly anticipating further updates on this possible collaboration, which may unite the skills of a well-known Bollywood actress with a distinguished director for an original and culturally noteworthy production.

The director tweeted the item along with it, using capital letters to pique the curiosity of her X followers. This is untrue. I’m not sure when this began. The script is currently being worked on. I just went to Alia’s charity dinner and we met to discuss another project. Disney has selected renowned filmmaker Gurinder Chadha, known for her work on films like Bride and Prejudice (2004) and Bend It Like Beckham (2002), to helm an original musical about an Indian princess.

Casting Alia Bhatt for the Disney movie has reportedly been discussed, according to a recent report by Mid-Day. According to the article, Alia and Gurinder met in January of this year when the director was in India for the actor Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan’s nuptials with Nupur Shikhare.

The site was informed by a source that “Alia and Gurinder have been in talks for a while.” Although the screenplay must be completed before the final casting selection is made, Alia is one of the best candidates. According to the source, Alia Bhatt is about to expand her resume with a Disney princess role after her roles as an undercover spy in Shiv Rawail’s film and a singer in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period drama. After her part in “Heart of Stone,” she will advance significantly in Hollywood if she is in charge of a large-scale multinational production. She is anticipated to begin working with Gurinder in the second half of 2025, if everything goes according to plan.

After Gurinder attended Alia Bhatt’s Hope Gala in London last month, there were even more rumours regarding the actress and Gurinder working together. Alia and Gurinder were also seen posing together on the red carpet, which added credence to rumours that they would work together.

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