Han So Hee questions Ryu Junyeol’s silence on the Hyeri issue and lashes out at him, saying, “I’m frustrated.”

Han So-hee is obviously angry with Ryu Junyeol, her lover, and his ex-girlfriend Hyeri. The actress posted her opinions on everything that has occurred so far on Instagram. The Nevertheless actress seemed to be criticizing Ryu Junyeol for his silence after their verbal altercation, but she later removed the tweet. She acknowledged that she is dissatisfied with the state of affairs in a since-deleted post.

Han Sohee commented, “I’m also frustrated because one of the parties involved is staying silent,” as posted by Pop Base on X. After that, she took down the post and wrote a lengthy statement in which she opened out completely. “I’ve had enough of speculating. I’ve reached this place in my life because I’ve pursued happiness. I met a lot of individuals before realizing it was pointless to waste time making snap decisions based on preconceived notions.

I’m in my thirties now, not so youthful, and I’m looking for purpose in life. I got to know this individual on this voyage. We met for the first time at a picture show in November of 2023. Stupid statements claiming previous acquaintanceship will be ignored. In her response, Han So Hee explained that there was no such relationship and that the bear at home was actually bought via KakaoTalk in 2021 rather than being a gift.

I’ve come to realize that appearances don’t matter, unlike in my innocent dating days when they did. My physical and emotional well-being improved as I came to terms with more courageous elements of who I was. As is often the case between a man and a woman, I thought it was an essential relationship. I want to be clear that I didn’t mean to be disrespectful of my ex-partner’s time. It is accurate to say that we broke up last year. We said our goodbyes, but it’s not to reveal romantic pasts or suggest a shift in direction,” she said.

She called out the senior for spreading untrue rumors about her and expressed her frustration that “one of the parties involved is staying silent, leaving room for speculative articles alleging deceitful relationships.” It seemed that she was referring to Ryu Junyeol, who has been silent since Han So Hee and him were rumored to be dating.

“I want to be clear that I don’t want to hurt my fans, supporters, or business representatives. I also don’t want to take sides unless I’m foolish. I’m writing to keep the people I love safe. As said, the split ultimately occurred in November. Truth is truth, no matter whether a firm is involved. Why some articles persist in making things up and portraying conjecture as truth baffles me. She made reference to Ryu Junyeol and Hyeri’s breakup, saying, “Please provide concrete evidence and refrain from straying off-topic.”

“I’m interested in the entertainment value of my former partner’s quick recovery. Why characterize unsolicited texts as cries for help, yet keep quiet about a new connection for four months while tacitly tagging it as a transition? I want answers, not pity. In addition, I find the hostile manner in which journalists behaved at the airport perplexing. It seems like I have no control over how I’m seen, even if I try to be courteous,” she said.

“I am aware that this post could make people uncomfortable at work, but I’m ready for criticism suggesting moderation. I’m not sure whether I should clarify or say nothing in response to the conflicting messages. That’s why I’m writing this to make things clear. Public affection and trust are vital to my line of work. I’m sorry for the way I handled things. But the word “transition” doesn’t fit here, and it’s not just my imagination. Please point out the areas where I haven’t apologized, and don’t just criticize me without offering any thought. I don’t want to interact with people who are eating my identity or who are holding bad sentiments. She said, “Last but not least, I would like to apologize to everyone who has been impacted by this recent issue.”

Since then, she has removed the post. Ryu Junyeol has not yet responded to these events either.

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