In the sexist streets of Bollywood, the hero was young yesterday, the hero is still young.

In the sexist streets of Bollywood, the hero was young yesterday, the hero is still young.

In 1994 I was in 8th standard. On the way from home to school, there was an audio and video cassettes shop, whose shutters used to put up a big poster of a new film or song every week. One day on the way to school, I saw that the poster of Shahrukh Khan and Suchitra Krishnamurthy's film 'Kabhi Ya Kabhi Na', which had been stuck on that shutter for a long time, had come off and was replaced by a poster of a new film, in which the heroine played She was wearing a yellow sari. Her back was open, in one hand was the pallu of a sari. Water was dripping from the hair and all over the body.

Waving her hair, twisting her body diagonally and holding the pallu with one hand, the heroine kept the other hand stuck in the neck of the hero. The entire performance of the heroine was such that she is being sacrificed on the hero and the hero is standing completely detached. He is holding the heroine's hair from behind. Not only caught, but caught in such a way that his hair is being pulled and in that tension his chin has come up. Filled with lust, the heroine is looking at Hiare in such a way that if she even asks for his heart at this time, she will happily give it to him. But there is no such compulsion in the eyes and manners of the hero. He is giddy in his pride in the same way as the entire song, whose remake is in the headlines once again after 27 years.

Tip-Tip Barsa Pani is breaking records on the internet. This time Katrina Kaif is in place of Raveena Tandon, but Akshay Kumar is the same. As always happens in Bollywood. Hero is never replaced. Although Akshay Kumar's style has changed a bit this time as compared to 27 years ago. In 27 years, he has come to be a little softer than he was groggy 27 years ago and was seen expressing love in a sadist, BDSM style.

Although the heroine's body is more visible than what it was shown 27 years ago, and the clothes of the hero are equally intimate. There has not been any significant change in the heroine's style, except that she is still bathed in the same love fire and is being sacrificed as much. The low self-esteem that was there 27 years ago, even now there has not been any significant increase in it. The boy is cringing, the girl is being laid. The boy is not giving expressions, the girl is going back.

When the news of the remake of this 27-year-old iconic song came, giving an interview to an English media, Raveena Tandon had said that the shooting of this song was not easy. This song was being shot at a construction site, where pebbles, stones, bars, nails etc. were scattered everywhere and Raveena had to dance barefoot. The tanker whose water was being used to show rain during the shooting was so cold that after several hours of shooting, Raveena developed fever. The shooting of this song went on continuously for four days and during that time she was in period. While dancing and getting wet in the water, his knees were peeled because many times in the song he had to step on his knees.

27 years ago today, a heroine would have said in an interview that she was having periods and if she was shooting while soaking in water during her period, it would have been a scandal.

Akshay Kumar has no such experience. They are not seen even after getting wet for a long time. Just wearing coats on her shoulder, Zeenat Aman keeps pleading with dreary, 'Like hi-hi, this compulsion, this weather and this distance', and Manoj Kumar does not get time from twitching.

Katrina Kaif alone has done all the hard work in the new version of this song. The whole body has been twisted like an acrobat in all directions and styles. Not much hard work has come on Akshay Kumar's part, except that he goes around worrying about how a girl is going to be a bawri for him. The raindrops have set such a fire in her body that she has become completely uncontrollable.

One thing that did not change in the story of Tip-Tip Barsa Pani is that the hero was young even 27 years ago, the hero is still young after 27 years. Even after 27 years, young beauties were smitten on Hero, even after 27 years, beauties are dying on Hero. Hero's heroine was 20 years old at the age of 25 and now even at the age of 55, the heroine's heroines are only 20 years old. Where the hero was, he is there. How many heroines have come and gone.

In the sexist streets of Bollywood, the hero was still young yesterday, the hero is still young. The Patriarchy was alive yesterday also, the Patriarchy is still alive today.

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Sanjay Dutt was not a criminal, he was just trapped: Subhash Ghai

Sanjay Dutt was not a criminal, he was just trapped: Subhash Ghai
Subhash said it was against his morality to capitalize on Sanjay's tough times and revealed that he did not spend a single rupee on the promotion of Khalnayak. Sanjay played the role of a wanted criminal in the film. When he was questioned about the promotion of the film Khalnay in an interview given in Bollywood Hungama, Subhash said that he never used Sanjay's legal dispute to promote Khalnayak.
Bollywood Hungama asked, "There was a lot of discussion when Khalnayak was released, Sanjay was a new face at that time, so what was your approach as a director. The way the whole world is seeing him in today's time. And at the same time in the film. So how should I market it so that it does not hurt anyone and I can do the film with the right positioning?

Which is the last climax scene in the end of Jail Ka Khalnayak in the movie. He shot when he came on leave after his arrest. Inside the shoot, we were about to shoot a Trimurti film, a part of it was also shot. After that he got a long sentence. But I never cashed this thing. It was against my charges. It is a very painful thing that you have an actor who gets stuck in such trouble and you cash in on him. You will be right that I did not spend even a single rupee in the promotion of Khalnayak. He sat silent. There was so much controversy of songs behind the chauli, 32 political units went against me, court cases happened. But I remained silent. I knew what film I had made. I knew what Sanjay Dutt is, I knew what was in the song behind the choli. You will not believe that the promotion of the film Khalnayak has the minimum budget of my life in the promotion. The least promotion was done for this film, because this film was a promotion in itself. He was talking everywhere. All I did was inform that this film is being screened in theatres. It is taking place on this day and this show is happening. We didn't do anything other than this. For this we approached very calmly."

Let us tell you that in April 1993, Sanjay was arrested under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act. While he was released on bail a month later, in 1994 his bail was canceled and he was arrested again. He was released from prison in October 1995.

Sanjay was convicted under the Arms Act by a TADA court in 2006, when he was found guilty of possessing a 9mm pistol and an AK-56 rifle, but was acquitted of the more serious TADA charges. He spent a few days in jail in 2007 but got bail in less than three weeks. He also spent time in jail from 2013 to 2016.

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