Jaehyun of NCT is reportedly in talks to play the lead in a K-dramas that centers on class division

The next K-drama I Believe You, which explores the power relations between the wealthy and the marginalized in society, may cast NCT’s Jaehyun in a major part. Jaehyun, who plays a character who resists persecution, is a strong candidate for the part even though it hasn’t been formally announced.

The production crew is excited about Jaehyun’s chances of playing the part since they think he’s a good fit. The drama I Believe You is billed as a tale of perseverance and metamorphosis, in which people must overcome hardship to find their inner fortitude. According to OSEN, Jaehyun is being considered for the part of Soo Il Nam, a character who has been severely traumatized by school violence.

Producing the drama is Mace Entertainment, well known for its work on Ju Ji Hoon and Choo Young Woo’s Netflix series The Trauma Code: Heroes on Call. The first half of 2024 is when filming is expected to begin; transmission specifics are still pending, which is building excitement for the show.

In 2022, Jaehyun made his acting debut in the 12-episode collegiate romance sitcom Dear M. Alongside Park Hye Su, Lee Jin Hyuk, Bae Hyun Sung, Roh Jeong Eui, and Woo Da Vi, he starred. Jaehyun will also be appearing in the next film You Will Die In 6 Hours, where she will have a major part.

Since making his NCT 127 sub-unit debut in 2016, Jaehyun has been a vital member of the group. He and Doyoung and Jungwoo are members of the new sub-unit NCT DoJaeJung. In 2023, they released Perfume, their first album. Jaehyun released the album Fact Check in 2023 as part of NCT 127’s complete group return. In addition, he has already released the solo singles “Horizon” and “Forever Only,” which were part of the NCT Lab project.

In addition to Jaehyuj, actor Lee Chaemin was also offered the main role in I Believe in You, according to an OSEN report from February 29. Lee Chaemin is favorably reviewing the offer. Lee Chaemin will portray Yang Seojun, the head of a gang of bullies at the high school, in the drama. His character is said to have attractive looks, a keen sense of humor, and a quick intellect. He hails from an affluent family. He often torments his buddies, however, and his lack of empathy causes unanticipated things to happen.

In I Believe in You, the two actors will play the two leads against one another if they accept their respective parts.