Janki Bodiwala talks candidly about how hard it is to get good screenplays in Bollywood

Actress Janki Bodiwala, who played Ajay Devgn’s daughter in the Vikas Bahl-directed movie “Shaitaan,” is pleased with the movie’s box office performance. She said that she is really overwhelmed by the support she is getting from the internet community. She also said how wonderful it was for her to collaborate with R. Madhavan, Devgn, and Jyotika, adding that it was a tremendous learning experience for her to work with such seasoned actors.

Despite their extensive experience in the field, she saw their commitment and professionalism.
The 28-year-old claims that the two films were different from one another, having previously acted as the lead in the Gujarati original “Vash” from 2023. She clarified that although the screenplays had a similar structure, various directors had given them distinct executions. She also pointed out variations in the character’s growth and emphasised added moments that are exclusive to the Hindi version, such as the cylinder shot and the eerie atmosphere created by the villain.
The actor expressed a desire for significant parts in Bollywood, but he also acknowledged the difficulty in finding strong screenplays due to the intense competition. Even though there have been talks regarding Hindi projects following “Shaitaan,” nothing is official as of now. She says she wants to experiment with other genres and seeks parts that are distinct from her previous work.
She also said that she was interested in learning more about over-the-top (OTT) media since she saw potential for growth in its viewer base.
The actor discussed what it takes to be successful in Bollywood, pointing out that it entails earning money as well as being acknowledged for one’s originality. She said that while having successful, well-received films is vital, it’s also necessary to create original works of art that resonate with audiences. Janki thinks that a fulfilling career in Bollywood requires striking a balance between producing meaningful films and ones that are economically successful.
The actor was excited about a number of projects that were coming up in the near future. He said that, while he couldn’t give away specifics just yet, each project promised a unique narrative experience that he and the other actors are looking forward to sharing with the public.

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