‘Jawan’ star Shah Rukh Khan discusses his decision to become bald

Shah Rukh Khan, the superstar of Hindi cinema, has discussed his love for anti-heroes after gaining widespread acclaim for his most recent film, Jawan. He also explained his reasoning for giving the action entertainer a bald head.

For their new ‘Icons Only’ feature, SRK chatted with IMDb. Global superstar Shah Rukh Khan appeared in the section as the first guest.

The actor discussed Jawan and gave crucial information about his early career. In the Atlee-directed film Jawan, SRK plays the twin characters of Azad, the warden of a women’s prison, and Captain Vikram Rathore, an ex-commando.

I never wanted to play the hero, SRK added while discussing the same topic. Heroes are incredibly uninteresting to me. They seem to be doing only positive things. Therefore, I have to swiftly switch to doing evil in order to learn that aspect before I can do good.

“In that case, I can once again play the good guy with great enthusiasm. Playing the puppy-eyed nice guy time and time again becomes tiresome. Personally, I like portraying villains,” he said.

Regarding his infamous bald appearance in Jawan, SRK opened up, saying: “I picked the bald look out of laziness since then I didn’t have to apply two hours of makeup. I’d rather simply lose my hair. Because I adore bald chicks, I simply hope that girls enjoy bald guys.

“If I were to explain myself,” he said, “I would explain myself as an actor who has tried and is still trying very hard somewhere in India.”

The actor of Baazigar renown added, “There is a genre of filmmaking that exists in South India,” in reference to Jawan’s genre. It is more imposing and louder. Everything is crammed into 2.5 hours, which makes for a wild journey. Global viewers may have an out-of-body experience.

The aim was to pick five powerful, dangerous women who on the surface seem to have done terrible things, according to SRK, who spoke about his entourage of female actors in the film. All of them, some for the first time, have learned how to do action for the movie. I’ll miss their support for the movie more than I’ll miss the girls’ fierceness.

Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone (in a special appearance), Priyamani, and Sanya Malhotra also feature in the movie. On September 7, it was released in theaters.


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