Karthik Kumar Reacts to Suchitra, His Ex-Wife, Alleges He Is Gay: “Shame Is No Longer There”

Actor Karthik Kumar responded to statements made about his sexual orientation by Suchitra, his ex-wife. Karthik recently made it clear that he is not gay in a video that he posted on his Instagram account. Karthik said that he would not conceal his sexual orientation, even if he did not identify his ex-wife. In addition, he encouraged everyone to embrace their sexuality.

“If I’m gay, then no? Being gay is nothing to be embarrassed of. Any kind of sexuality within the vast and magnificent range of sexuality that exists today would make me really proud. I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. I would feel pleased. I would attend a pride demonstration in my city, which I would do anyway. Come express your support at the pride rally, regardless of your sexual orientation. Shame no longer exists. Just pride is present. Be pleased, he said.

Karthik added, “Only love and support ❤️ #pridemonth is June!” as the description for his video. View the video by clicking this link:


A number of admirers responded to the video shortly after it was posted, complimenting the actor for his support of the LGBTQ+ community. I appreciate you expressing this, KK. One of the admirers remarked, “You’re very unique. “I recall that during one of your interviews, you spoke about your ex-wife in a really compassionate and loving way. Another person said, “It’s very bad that she has spoken really horrible about you and cursed you, etc. It was very sad to watch that.” “Well stated! In any case, it is none of their concern,” a third reply said.

In 2005, Karthik Kumar tied the knot with Suchitra. Still, the two broke up in 2017. Karthik is a “wonderful person,” according to Suchitra, who described him as having the attributes of Lord Rama in an interview with a Tamil news station back then. I am aware that we are divorcing. Although it hurts so much for all of us, there are certain issues that cannot be resolved.

Regarding her career, Suchitra is a well-known playback vocalist. Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 is where we last saw her. However, Karthik Kumar just created and featured in the stand-up special Aansplaining.

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