Khaali Botal: The chemistry between Ayesha Khan and Abhishek Kumar Lights Up Our Screens

After their relationship grew during Bigg Boss Season 17, Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan are now wowing fans on social media with their chemistry. Many have longed for their on-screen partnership ever since they left Salman Khan’s program, and it seems that their hopes have come true. The gifted pair recently shocked their fans by releasing the music video for their song, Khaali Botal. Manan Bhardwaj wrote the song’s words and created the music, with singer Parampara Tandon providing the vocals.

The song was released, and within hours, it had about 3 lakh views on YouTube. Supporters are gushing about Abhishek and Ayesha’s performance nonstop. The main couple’s tension is shown in the video since it revolves on themes of violence, betrayal, love, and complicated relationships.

In the opening scene of the music video, Kumar—who is portrayed as a tyrannical king—returns to his realm with Parampara, who plays a girl. Khan, who portrays his wife, is devastated to see this. Khan’s dancing skills and appearance as a whole steal the show in this video.

However, the Bigg Boss runner-up is excellent in the part, as he is seen tormenting the personas of Ayesha and Parampara. Nevertheless, as the two ladies devise a scheme to murder him, the song takes an unexpected turn. Viewers are captivated by the music video till the very end. Abhishek shared the video and said, “Explore Khaali Botal’s raw emotions.” An evocative voyage of love’s retribution.”

In the Bigg Boss 17 house, Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan came across each other. Khan was a wildcard candidate when she first appeared on the program, and the model and Munawar Faruqui were close at first, but later things went awry. On the other hand, she and Abhishek became good friends over time. The two spent time together after the performance and even worked together on Instagram clips.

The Udaariyaan actor had publicly declared his love for Feroza Khan, also known as Khanzaadi, a fellow Bigg Boss participant, prior to his relationship with Khan. Fans praised Abhishek and Khanzaadi for their antics in the house, and after a lengthy wait, they thrilled fans by collaborating on an Instagram clip. The pair imitated the dance from Shehnaaz Gill’s newly released song Dhup Lagdi, in which they displayed their chemistry while dressed traditionally.

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