Kinnars also marry for one night, become widows on the second day!

Kinnars also marry for one night, become widows on the second day!

 A deity, Aravan is worshiped in our country, Tamil Nadu state of India, to whom eunuchs are married. In many places he is also known as Irawan. Aravan is the god of Hijra, hence Hijra is called Aravani in South India. The most surprising thing about Hinjado and Aravan Devta is that the Hijra marry their adorable god Aravan once in a year. However, this marriage is only for one day. Their married life ends with the death of Aravan Devta the next day. Now the question arises that who is Aravan, why do eunuchs marry him and why this marriage is only for one day? To know the answer to all these questions, we have to go to the Mahabharata period.

According to the story of Mahabharata..

Once Arjuna, for violating a condition of marriage to Draupadi, is expelled from Indraprastha and sent on a one-year pilgrimage. After leaving there Arjun goes to North East India where he meets a widowed serpent princess Ulupi. Both fall in love with each other and get married. Shortly after the marriage, Ulupi gives birth to a son who is named Aravan. After the birth of a son, Arjuna leaves both of them there and goes on his further journey. Aravan lives with his mother in Naaglok. When he is young, he leaves Nagalok and comes to his father. Then the war of Mahabharata is going on in Kurukshetra, so Arjuna sends him to the battlefield to fight.

There comes a time in the Mahabharata war when..

The Pandavas need a prince to voluntarily sacrifice a male at the feet of Mother Kali for their victory. When none of the princes comes forward, Aravan offers himself for a voluntary male sacrifice but he makes a condition that he will not die unmarried. This condition creates great trouble because no king, knowing that his daughter will be widowed the next day, is not ready to marry his daughter to Aravan. When there is no way left, Lord Krishna transforms himself into Mohini and marries Aravan. Next day Aravan himself offers his head at the feet of Mother Kali with his own hands. After the death of Aravan, Shri Krishna also mourns his death for a long time in the same Mohini form. Now, being a man, Shri Krishna marries Aravan in the form of a woman, so the eunuchs, who are considered to be men in the female form,

Only the head of Aravan is worshipped.

Although temples of Lord Aravan have now been built in many parts of Tamil Nadu, their oldest and main temple is in the village of Koovagam in Villupuram district, which is known as Koothandavar Temple. In this temple only the head of Lord Aravan is worshipped, just like the head of Barbarik is worshiped in Khatushyamji of Rajasthan.

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When Sunny Leone was asked such a question by the journalist, the actress slapped her in anger

When Sunny Leone was asked such a question by the journalist, the actress slapped her in anger

There is no dearth of fans of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. But Sunny's journey in Bollywood, who made her mark as the first porn star, was not so easy. But he made a different identity in the industry with his hard work. In such a situation, today we are telling you about an anecdote related to Sunny.

the past never leaves us

It is said that the past never leaves us. Similarly, many times Sunny Leone's past also comes in front of her. When Sunny is asked questions related to her past, she gets upset. A similar incident happened with Sunny in the year 2016. During this, she went to Surat to celebrate Holi with her fans in Gujarat. At the same time, during a program, she was asked such a question, hearing which she became uncomfortable and red with anger.

You are also a porn star

Actually, a person had asked him that you have also been a porn star and now you are a Bollywood star, then what do you charge for the night program. On hearing this question, Sunny got so angry that he slapped the person. After this there was a lot of ruckus but she remained on her stand. Later, the person asking the question was also punished for public indecency. But later Sunny Leone's husband said that the news going on in the media is rubbish. Nothing of the sort had happened.

people were becoming uncomfortable accepting

Let us tell you that before coming to Hindi films, Sunny Leone had to face many types of opposition. Indian audiences and people were feeling uncomfortable accepting his background. Because of this, the producers and directors did not give him the role. In India, he started getting noticed with the film 'Jism 2' directed by Pooja Bhatt. Sunny met the acting criteria in this film, after which she started getting many projects and thus she became a Bollywood actress from an adult star.

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