Kriti Sanon recognises Shah Rukh Khan’s influence in “Dear Zindagi” and criticises male performers for turning down lesser parts

Kriti Sanon has spoken about gender inequality in Bollywood and her experiences working with Tabu and Kareena Kapoor. She wasn’t afraid to criticise male performers and producers throughout the conversation.

Male actors who turned down modest but important parts in female-led shows came under fire from Kriti Sanon. “Female actors have often supported many films where they agree to do small yet impactful roles, but not many male actors do the same,” the actress told Zoom and added, “There are times when the impact of the female character is maybe 60 percent and the male part is about 40 percent in the script, and the male co-star says, “Isko flip kar de?’
Kriti did, however, give credit where credit was due! Being one of the rare male celebrities to take on such roles, Shah Rukh Khan received accolades from the National Award-winning actress.

“Shah Rukh Khan has done a smaller yet impactful role in Dear Zindagi and he brought so much gravitas to that role.”
In the 2016 movie “Dear Zindagi,” Shah Rukh Khan portrayed a psychotherapist, although Alia Bhatt’s character was the major centre of attention.
Kriti Sanon is now basking in the glory of her two very successful box office releases, “Crew” and “Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya.” In addition, the actress—who just opened her own production company, Blue Butterfly Films—will both star and produce “Do Patti,” the firm’s first motion picture. Additionally starring Kajol is this mystery thriller, which is slated for release on OTT.

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