KRK is mocked online for changing his tone for "Pathaan"

KRK is mocked online for changing his tone for "Pathaan"

Kamal R. Khan, often known as KRK, frequently makes news for his tweets and reviews. KRK often criticizes movies and movie stars in harsh ways. He was also spotted making fun of Pathaan, a Shah Rukh Khan movie. KRK criticized both the movie and the attendance.

But KRK's tone seems to have changed following the movie's debut. He might be seen praising the movie. He characterized the movie as "full of amusement" before the interval. Users soon made fun of him for the same.

With his most recent tweet, KRK has once again caught people' attention. I've only watched the movie up to the intermission, but Pathaan is fantastic, said KRK. It is breathtaking and entertaining. The first part of the movie gets four stars.

Users are shocked to see KRK, who has been vocally criticizing the movie on Twitter, become enamored with it.

Notably, Shahrukh Khan is back on the big screen with "Pathaan" after an absence of over four years. The Shahrukh Khan fanbase is quite passionate about this movie. To see Shah Rukh on screen, massive crowds of people flocked to movie theaters all over the globe. But the debate over this movie isn't going away either. Even before the movie was released, a stir was made. Despite the tight security measures in place today, demonstrations continue to occur in a number of locations.