Lord Ram's Voice in Prabhas' Adipurush Was the Most Difficult Role, According to Sharad Kelkar

Lord Ram's Voice in Prabhas' Adipurush Was the Most Difficult Role, According to Sharad Kelkar

One of the most anticipated movies of the year is Adipurush, starring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon. The eager viewers are eager to watch the movie on the big screen, despite the fact that the teaser that was published last year was not well received and the producers had to take a break to work on the VFX. And the anticipation appears to be growing as the release date draws nearer by the day. The most difficult part in history, according to popular television actor Sharad Kelkar, who has dubbed for Prabhas in the Hindi version of the legendary film.

Sharad Kelkar said in a PTI interview that voice acting is a responsible profession since you are using someone else's voice who has put his or her all into the performance. Your one error might completely derail his performance. Hence, whether it is for Lord Ram or Nani's character, I am accountable for providing my voice. The most tough one is Lord Ram. Being able to speak for "Adipurush" makes me proud as well.

He said, "That is a disadvantage for me as an actor since it is hard for people to see me in other parts. Since I have a specific demeanor and voice that they believe may complement a certain spectrum of characters, such as a policeman or a villain, they often give me jobs that are similar to each other. I make an effort to do a variety of things. I keep trying to show people that I have a wonderful voice, but acting is really what I excel at. The voice is a bonus, and I don't claim ownership of it in any way.

Adipurush's trailer, which starred Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan, disappointed a huge portion of the public when it was released in October of last year. Hindu gods were allegedly distorted in the trailer, according to others, who criticized it for its VFX.

Ashish Mhatre, the editor of Adipurush, has addressed the reaction and said that the team was "shocked" by the comments.

The whole cast was taken aback when the teaser was aired since we had not anticipated such positive feedback, but Om Raut's vision was crystal obvious. He was quite clear about what he wanted in the picture when he outlined the plot and characters to us. He had removed all elements of the tale that might have offended people's sensibilities. He never intended to accomplish that, but he has altered the world in a manner that young people would find appealing, according to Ashish, who spoke to E-Times.

Adipurush is a film adaption of the Hindu epic Ramayana, which was directed by Om Raut. Kriti Sanon will portray Janaki in the movie, while Prabhas will play Raghav. Sunny Singh plays Laxman, while Saif Ali Khan plays King Ravana, the movie's adversary. Adipurush is regarded as Prabhas' most significant film. It is a mythical play that cost Rs 300 crore to produce. The movie is co-financed by Retrophiles and Bhushan Kumar's T-series. Release day is set for June 16, 2023.