Madhuri Dixit reunites with Rajinikanth and recalls her memories of “Uttar Dakshin”

Madhuri Dixit and her husband, Dr. Shriram Nene, recently attended the World Cup semi-final match between India and New Zealand in Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium. She happened to run across her old co-star Rajinikanth at the star-studded event, which resulted in an unplanned selfie. Dixit shared the moment on Instagram and reminisced about their working together on the film “Uttar Dakshin.”theindiaprint.com madhuri dixit reunites with rajinikanth and recalls her memories of uttar dakshin

She said that during the film’s production, the renowned South Indian actor spoke to her in Marathi, reflecting on their time together on set. Even now, Rajinikanth remembers their shared film adventure every time they come across each other.

With a playful nod to a song from their film “Uttar Dakshin,” Dixit said on Instagram, “Keh do Uttar waalo se Dakshin waale aagye” (Tell the ones from the North, the ones from the South have come). She was impressed by Rajinikanth’s ability to speak several languages and his lasting recollection of their joint venture.

The actress said, “What an inspiration and what a human being,” highlighting the long-lasting influence of their common past. Catching up with Rajnikant Ji #Thalaivar was fantastic. His compassion, humility, and regard for her were constant marvels to her, and she emphasized how these characteristics made their encounters special.

The essay, which gave readers an insight into the friendship between two seasoned performers, struck a chord with viewers. Apart from the glitz and glitter of the cricket match and celebrity meetings, Dixit’s Instagram post highlighted the real relationships and lifelong memories that often form in the film industry.

Madhuri Dixit’s sentimental reunion with Rajinikanth at the India vs. New Zealand match brought a sense of warmth and companionship to the star-studded occasion, serving as a constant reminder that artists have genuine, enduring relationships outside of the screen.


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