Madhurima Tuli’s Apology to Hrithik Roshan Is Rejected: ‘Woh 2 Saal Se Tension Mein Tha’

Famous for her part in “Chandrakanta,” Madhurima Tuli expressed regret to Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. She remembered being a tremendous admirer of his when she first saw him two years ago and felt paralyzed. Madhurima was concerned that Hrithik could think she was impolite. She apologized, but the comments section criticized her.

In her apologies, Madhurima Tuli tweeted an emoji of folded hands and tagged Hrithik Roshan. “Hey Hrithik, ” she wrote. I must admit something. When I ran into you two years ago, I believe I went utterly blank. I’ve felt bad ever since, thinking that you must find me really impolite or that you may have forgotten about it as well. However, I had to tell you this—I practically FROZE. Since Kaho na pyaar hai, I’ve been a tremendous fan. I believed that this was the ideal venue to send a message since I didn’t know how to approach. I really hope you will pardon me. From yours self, Madhurima Tuli, who is still a fan.

But a lot of people made fun of her in the comments. “Very good you have confessed,” said one person. There is tension between the two of them. Ho gai Jo tumne use ignore kiya kya se kya galti. “If hrithik didn’t reply, it must be quite embarrassing,” said one additional remark. Someone said, “Very lovely…Hrithik will understand, he’s used to this kind of thing.occurred to you once, and that was two years ago. He must encounter this with someone every day.calm down.”

Actress Madhurima Tuli had previously said in one of her recent interviews that her famed bouts on Bigg Boss caused her to get few job offers after she left the house. During her less than ideal times in the house, Madhurima—whose ex-boyfriend Vishal Aditya Singh was a fellow contender on Bigg Boss 13—was seen acting violently and verbally abusively. The Kumkum Bhagya actress said that after the episode, a perception of her was created, and that image has been gradually eroding. Madhurima said that she had no regrets about choosing to compete in Bigg Boss.

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