Mahesh Babu was advised by SS Rajamouli to stay away from THIS in the next months

The film industry is already buzzing about renowned director Rajamouli’s forthcoming film “SSMB29,” which he is producing alongside superstar Mahesh Babu. Rajamouli has started the casting process and is making sure that every little element is meticulously prepared as the movie prepares for pre-production.

According to a report from 123telugu, Rajamouli has instructed Mahesh Babu not to attend public events for the next several months on the film’s advancements. Rajamouli’s deliberate prudence stems from his desire to conceal Mahesh Babu’s new appearance in the movie. Since the celebrity will be making a new appearance, Rajamouli is eager to keep details about how his role will be portrayed under wraps.
As he undergoes intense physical training to bulk up for the role, he is said to have a buff and muscular appearance. It is anticipated that he would portray a role centered on the legendary hero, Lord Hanuman.
An renowned Hollywood trainer has advised the producers on how to make his metamorphosis seem even more genuine. This confirms that Mahesh Babu’s persona is intended to have a fascinating on-screen presence.

Additionally, there are rumors that the film’s title may be “Maharaja,” which would fit in with its action-packed thriller genre. This may have been given that SS Rajamouli is renowned for using memorable lines for his films or for his titles that would stick in the minds of his viewers.
Despite the lack of formal announcements, it is expected that Chelsea Islan, an Indonesian actress, would star in this massive motion picture. But the producers want to pull back the curtains in the next few days to disclose the cast and further details about the movie.

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