“Misunderstood for over a year,” says Park Min-young, who denies receiving Rs. 1.5 crore from her ex-boyfriend

Actress Park Min-young of South Korea is under investigation over claims that she received illicit payments worth 250 million Korean Won (about Rs 1.5 crore) from her former partner, billionaire Kang Jong-hyun. According to some sources, Park received the money in her personal account labeled “living expenses” after Kang reportedly borrowed it from a business. There were three supposedly complicated steps in the deal. The actress reportedly said that she was unaware of Kang Jong Hyun’s behavior throughout their relationship, according to early reports. But as the scandal grew, Park refuted any wrongdoing via her agency, Hook Entertainment.

“Actress Park Min-young was investigated as a reference person by the prosecution in February 2023, in connection with Kang Jong Hyun using her account in another name,” the agency said, according to All K Pop. It was made quite evident that Park Min-young did not engage in any unlawful activity or get any unlawful advantages. It was Kang Jong Hyun’s account that used the 250 million won indicated in the report, not Park Min Young’s living costs. Due to misleading information, Park Min-young has been misunderstood for more than a year. She acknowledged this, felt bad about what she did, and concentrated more on her acting profession. She feels it is her responsibility as an actor to demonstrate excellent performance via her artistic creations. We hope that actress Park Min-young’s reputation won’t be harmed by any more unfounded allegations.

Amidst rumors of their romantic connection, Park Min-young openly announced the termination of her engagement with Kang Jong-hyun back in September 2022. At the time, Kang was refused any financial help; both the official statement and the latest article said that such assertions were completely false. The previous statement also highlighted Park Min-young’s sister, Ms Park, stating the desire to resign down as an outside director at Biogen.

Kang Jong-hyun was accused, according to sources, of squandering around 62.8 billion won (about Rs 39 lakh) via the manipulation of cryptocurrency stock prices. Park Min-young was a witness in Kang Jong-hyun’s case, and she was investigated in February. Nevertheless, Kang Jong-hyun was granted bail in December by the Seoul Southern District Court, subject to a number of requirements such as the surrender of electronic devices, housing limitations, a 300 million won (about Rs 1 crore) deposit, and no contact with witnesses.

Park Min-young returned to the TV with Marry My Husband after the event. She spoke about her experiences at the drama’s production presentation that day, saying that the previous year had been difficult for her both psychologically and physically. She was apprehensive about coming back, but the director’s encouragement gave her some comfort. The actress said that she underwent brainwave testing and treatment, and the results indicated that she felt guilty about the Kang Jong-hyun case. She emphasized how crucial it is for actors to project a favorable image in order to prevent awkward situations. She expressed her sorrow but her will to come back and asked the crowd for support.