My Fault Star Actor from Spain Gabriel Guevara is detained after being accused of sexual assault

Gabriel Guevara, a Spanish actor, was detained during the Venice Film Festival. According to reports, the star of My Fault (Culpa Mia) has been accused of sexual assault in France. According to Variety, Gabriel was scheduled to receive a prize at the festival dubbed the Filming Italy Award. He was also the subject of an international arrest warrant due to allegations of a sexual assault in France.

The 80th Venice International Film Festival also released a statement following the arrest, which stated: “Following the news articles which have been emerging on various websites, regarding the Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara being arrested in Venice, the Biennale hereby clarifies that his presence in Venice was not linked to any events or productions related to the 80th Venice International Film Festival.”

Currently in police detention, Gabriel Guevara will soon have his case heard by the Venice court of appeals.

Skam, a Spanish-language translation of the Nordic adolescent drama series, marked Guevara’s acting debut. He has, however, lately made headlines with his newly released song My Fault, also known as Culpa Mia. Since the movie’s premiere, people have been raving about his on-screen chemistry with Nicole Wallace.

Given the popularity of My Fault, the producers recently announced that parts two and three of the Spanish original will be produced. Your Fault and Our Fault will be the titles of the last two movies in the trilogy. Nicole Wallace (of Skam Espaa, Parot) and Gabriel Guevara (of Maana es hoy, Hit) will reprise their roles as Noah and Nick, the step-siblings, in the movie Your Fault and Our Fault. In the episode “My Fault,” Noah moved into her mother’s new husband’s home, where she met his son Nick and had a covert relationship with him.

Despite their parents’ attempts to separate them, Noah and Nick’s love seems to be indestructible. But their lives are now open to new partnerships thanks to his work and her start at college. The Leister family as a whole as well as their relationship will be shaken by the presence of a vengeful ex-girlfriend and Nick’s ambiguous mother. Can a relationship possibly have a happy ending when so many people are trying to ruin it?


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