NTR Jr. teases the release of the Fear Song in “Devara: Part 1.”

The first song from the upcoming pan-India action film “Devara: Part 1,” which stars Janhvi Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, and NTR Jr. in the key roles, was teased by the film’s producers on Friday. The song is set to be released on Sunday, May 19.


Anirudh Ravichander’s new music video for the song “Fear Song” was released on Friday. Coincidentally, NTR Jr.’s birthday is on May 19. On October 10, 2024, which is the weekend of Dussehra, the Koratala Siva movie is scheduled to premiere in theaters.

The music video for the song has NTR Jr., Tollywood’s Man of the Masses, striding down the shoreline and approaching a beach ahead of a small fleet of boats.

Ravichander joins the actor in singing “All Hail the Tiger” in the Gothic trailer. It concludes with a solitary image of the red title “Fear Song.” The trailer succeeds in piqueing viewers’ curiosity in NTR Jr.’s portrayal of the “Lord of Fear” on film.

The creators had earlier shared a new poster on social media that showed NTR Jr.’s hand gushing blood along with the news of the song.

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