On a song, Karishma Sharma is

Karishma Sharma is ready to wow everyone with her next single, Sharabi. The music is available on Tres Monstruo, presented by Tres Monstruo, and directed by the renowned Suman Guha.

Karishma gave insights into the core of the song and her persona. “The concept it depicts is remarkably cute and novel, a narrative that deviates from the norm,” the speaker stated. It looks at the situation when someone makes a new friend—possibly in a different city—and feels empathetic toward them. Now, turning our attention to the figure in question, she perfectly captures a lively, carefree demeanor.

She just moved to this strange place and now she keeps running into this one person in particular. She tries her hardest to become friends with him, but his behavior leaves her feeling both confused and concerned. “It was a really memorable experience for me to shoot the song,” she said. It was first difficult to film in the frigid conditions in Malta, Europe.

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