On her eleventh birthday, Tom Cruise gave co-star Dakota Fanning of “War of the Worlds” her first smartphone

Actress Dakota Fanning claims that when she turned eleven, Tom Cruise, her co-star in War of the Worlds, gave her her first cell phone as a present.

One of the quiz questions in a recent interview between Fanning and her co-star on Netflix’s Ripley was, “Who gave Dakota her first cellphone?” “Okay, so it’s going to be some Hollywood icon… Tom Cruise,” Scott said in response. Fanning said that when they were shooting War of the Worlds in 2005, Cruise gave her a Motorola Razr for her eleventh birthday.

“Oh, my God, I was ecstatic.” At that moment, I had no one to SMS or call. I was eleven, you know. However, I cherished owning it. I loved it. I was so delighted,” she remembered. According to Fanning, since 2005, the actor of Mission: Impossible has given her a present annually.

She remarked, “Since that birthday, Tom has sent me a birthday present every year.”

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