Prithviraj Sukumaran explains: “There is no Mohanlal fighting in a closed factory in Empuraan while wearing a mundu.”

Director Prithviraj Sukumaran has addressed the expectations of Mohanlal fans, impatiently anticipating the sequel to ‘Lucifer,’ named ‘Empuraan.’ He stressed that, contrary to common belief, viewers won’t see Mohanlal fighting in a locked factory while dressed in traditional Mundu attire in the next movie.
“Empuraan” is getting ready for release, and as production moves forward, Prithviraj Sukumaran told Film Companion that the follow-up may not live up to public expectations.

He said that the remaining parts of the movie would be filmed in the United Arab Emirates after the summer, with a few scenes left to be shot in India. As of right now, just 20% of the project is finished.

“Empuraan,” which is helmed by Prithviraj Sukumaran and written by Murali Gopy, is anticipated to be a dramatic action movie similar to “Lucifer,” the first installment. Actor Tovino Thomas, who had a significant part in the first installment, recently joined the “Empuraan” sets.
In the midst of these developments, Prithviraj Sukumaran is getting ready for the highly anticipated March 28 premiere of Blessy’s survival drama film “Aadujeevitham.” Drawing inspiration from Benyamin’s widely read book “Aadujeevitham,” the film explores the real-life struggles that Najeeb endured. There are great hopes for the movie.

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