Priyanka's husband Nick and his brothers accuse black women of 'bullying'

Priyanka's husband Nick and his brothers accuse black women of 'bullying'

Mumbai: Actress Priyanka Chopra's husband Nick Jonas and his two brothers Joe and Kevin have made sensational allegations by the black woman. A black woman has alleged that these three brothers made fun of the woman on the occasion of Thanksgiving parade.

The woman who accused the Jonas Brothers is Taylor Garron. Taylor, a resident of Brookline City in New York, wrote on Twitter: " Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, once I was at the Thanksgiving parade with the Jonas Brothers and all three of them made fun of me there."

Taylor tweeted another to which he also attached a photo. He shared this picture and wrote-  'This picture is not clear because it was raining there at that time. This is where the Jonas brothers troubled me a lot. Everything else was fine, except for these three brothers. '  Taylor has also shared a picture with this tweet, in which nothing clear is visible. Taylor has also identified herself in the photo.

This allegation of Taylor Garron is becoming quite viral on social media but so far none of the Jonas brothers or Priyanka Chopra have reacted to Taylor's allegation. Let me tell you that this woman who accuses Jonas Brothers is a writer by profession. Talking of Jonas Brothers, he is a popstar. His song 'Sucker', released a few months ago, is being heard all over the world.

Varun-Natasha Wedding: Varun Dhawan, excited in the joy of marriage, running around like a child

Varun-Natasha Wedding: Varun Dhawan, excited in the joy of marriage, running around like a child

Varun Dhawan will become Natasha Dalal forever today. After a long relationship, both will now be tied in marriage. Updates related to marriage are coming out. Now meanwhile, news is coming that Varun is very excited about his marriage. A guest involved in the wedding told a Leadingday website, 'Varun gets excited in everything like that. Just like his lottery has started. I have never been so happy with Varun. He is moving from here to there like a child.

The man further told that Rohit, Varun's elder brother, is taking good care of all the guests. He said, 'Rohit is taking full care that no guest should have any problem. His father is getting stress free and is marrying his son.

Asked about the guest list involved in the wedding, he said, 'We request that the guest's name not be told. Some will also be surprise guests.

Why are marriages away from limelight

Uncle Anil Dhawan of Varun said, 'We are very excited for the marriage of both of us. This is the last marriage of Varun's generation in our family. Rohit (Varun's brother) is married, my children are married and our elder brother's children are also married. So now after the marriage of Varun, this whole circle will get married, so everyone wants to enjoy this marriage well without any problems.

He also told that both families do not want to make the wedding a bing bang. Both want to do this marriage in a simple way between the family.

Varun will be separated with Natasha after marriage

According to the Bollywood commotion, a close friend of the two told that Natasha has decorated this apartment to her liking. The friend told that Varun Dhawan had bought this apartment thinking that he would be able to stay with his family and give time to Natasha too. Her friend told that Natasha has decorated the entire flat according to her own so that she does not have any problem in shifting to a new place.

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