Raj B. Shetty claims that working with Mammootty on “Turbo” was daunting

Renowned for his own aesthetic, actor-director Raj B Shetty has blazed his own trail in Kannada film. From his unorthodox style in movies such as Garuda Gamana and Ondu Motteya Kathe He keeps making his mark, from Vrishabha Vahana and Toby to his most recent, Swathi Muttinha Male Haniye. Raj is now prepared to provide his own touch to the Malayalam film business. In the movie, Turbo, who is making his Malayalam debut, will be starring with Mammootty. In addition, on May 23, Raj B. Shetty will release the original movie in Karnataka under his own brand, Lighter Buddha Films, which will run on around 100 screens, including multiplexes.

Speaking on Turbo’s distribution in Karnataka, Raj said, “Language landscapes have changed lately. These days, the focus is increasingly on identifying excellent and bad movies. This change, in my opinion, would appeal to viewers who appreciate talented performers, who are usually well-liked in Karnataka.

“The collaboration between the two sectors is a step in the right direction,” he continues. It minimizes harmful rivalry and fosters teamwork. If not, it is improbable that a Kannada actor will make a foray into Malayalam film. We should applaud these improvements because they represent talent finding its proper position.

Raj is one of the few actors who can fit into any role with ease, demonstrating that honesty more than appearances determines skill. According to him, the purpose of appearance is to fully engross the viewer in the character, drawing their attention away from physical characteristics. Raj plays an antagonist in the action comedy Turbo. He says of the project, “As a newbie to the industry, I felt overwhelmed that I was entrusted with such a significant character when I was pitched for the role and learned about the established names involved.” The group offered a novel viewpoint, especially when it came to my character Vetrivel. After my performance in Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana, they sensed promise in me. However, they decided to consider me after they saw me in the then-in-theaters film Toby. At the time, they were finalizing the cast, and they thought I could bring the character to life, which ultimately worked out well. Fortunately, I trusted the vision and direction of director Vysakh and writer Midhun Manuel, both of whom were accomplished professionals.

Is Raj gradually adopting responsibilities similar to those in Toby or Garuda Gamana? Or is he just doing what the public wants to see him in? Raj disagrees, saying, “I’ve portrayed certain characters genuinely, so people like me in those roles.” They seem to relate to the character more than I do. Not the actor, but the character and the plot are what matter. Nobody anticipated that I would play a comedic character when I shot my debut picture, Ondhu Motteya Kathe, but with time, I expanded into a variety of roles. I’m willing to tackle any role that I haven’t tried before, regardless of what the public would desire. People may think I’m repetitive if I just use one style. Raj says that the main focus of Turbo is entertainment.

But he adds, “It’s not only about entertainment; the characters are superbly created when you take on a negative persona of such scale. This kind of material prioritizes broad appeal and will eventually be released as a mainstream commercial motion picture. He continues by discussing his interactions with Mammootty. He laughs as he says, “At first, it was intimidating.” “I speak Malayalam rather well, but my character speaks Tamil. I had to commit the dialogue to memory on the first day before we started filming. Acting in unfamiliar scenarios made me uneasy, particularly when I was performing in front of a very talented actor. But he was kind enough to help, sympathizing with my predicament and providing me with much-needed consolation. Even if I’m not very good in Tamil or Malayalam, it was difficult for me to give the film’s longest speech on the first day in a language I didn’t know. However, I was ready,” he adds.

With an eye on the future, Raj, who acknowledges that “direction is always his first love,” is now penning a screenplay. “Direction is my passion; acting or working in other departments is more of a hobby,” he declares. I feel most fulfilled when I write and direct. I see this as an acting opportunity that will help me grow as a filmmaker. I entered Turbo as a student as well as I entered the sets. The volume of output amazed me, and I realized I still haven’t reached that level.

Did Raj discover the key to the current success of Malayalam film during this process? “Malayalam films are not made on a shoestring budget,” the man claims. Many often, the viewers of the movies are unaware of the amount of work that goes into producing them. With the exception of a few, like Premalu, which had a smaller budget, the majority of popular Malayalam films in recent months have had budgets of above 35 crores. Despite our assumptions, businesses make investments in high-quality material and use strategies for building a sizable market that are visible to us. It’s about bringing the idea near to reality with grandeur and dedication. Plus, Turbo is a massive movie. Furthermore, one praiseworthy aspect of the Malayalam business is how quickly the manufacturing process moves along.

In response to questions about whether he would like to direct a Malayalam movie and whether he believes that the tastes of the Kannada and Malayalam audiences differ, Raj states, “There is no division of the audience between the two languages,” using Manjummel Boys as an example, which brought in 15 crores in Karnataka alone. “The audience shouldn’t be split apart. We ought to produce real movies. Stars like Mammootty and Shivarajkumar are stars because they never settle for one look; instead, they continually trying new things. We must take it to heart and incorporate it into our films. It was because to them that Garuda Gamana made it to Kerala. “I’m disrespecting the audience if I take into account the perspectives of both industries while directing,” he says in closing.

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