Rajkumar Kohli, the director of “Nagin,” dies at age 93

At the age of ninety-three, director Rajkumar Kohli said goodbye to the world in a momentous occasion for Indian cinema. The seasoned filmmaker, known for helming timeless masterpieces like “Nagin” and “Jaani Dushman,” passed away in Mumbai early on November 24 after a heart attack.theindiaprint.com rajkumar kohli the director of nagin dies at age 93 rajkumar kohli 11zon

Kohli’s film career started in the 1960s with the release of his first Punjabi film, “Sapni,” which he directed. Two years later, in 1966, he directed “Dulla Bhatti.” But it was during the 1970s, when he gave Bollywood songs like “Gora Aura Kala,” that he really made an enduring impression. The speculative fiction hit “Nagin,” which debuted in 1976 and demonstrated Kohli’s directing talent while captivating viewers, was the pinnacle of his career.

Kohli is well-known for putting together exceptional ensemble casts. His career included standout productions including “Jaani Dushman” (1979), “Badle Ki Aag” (1982), “Naukar Biwi Ka” (1983), and “Raaj Tilak” (1984). Prominent actors and actresses Reena Roy and Anita Raj, along with industry veterans Shatrughan Sinha, Dharmendra, Jeetendra, and Sunil Dutt, were often seen in his films.

With the 1992 film “Virodhi,” he made his son Armaan Kohli’s screen debut. As his last film project, he went on to direct Armaan in “Aulad Ke Dushman” (1993) and “Qahar” (1997). His goal in producing “Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani” (2002) was to recreate the enchantment of his classics from the 1970s. But because of the movie’s critical and financial reception, Rajkumar Kohli had to leave the business.

The impact Rajkumar Kohli has had on Indian film goes beyond only his directing abilities. While the film industry laments the passing of this great star, his memory endures in the classic movies that helped to define Bollywood. To honor this silver screen genius, a funeral is scheduled for later in the evening.


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