Regarding body shaming, Navin Prabhakar says, “It’s a crime to laugh at someone’s insecurity or difference”

Actor, comedian, and mime artist Navin Prabhakar has spoken out against the problem of body shaming, stating that it is harmful to humanity and that individuals should be respected for who they are.

“Real body shaming occurs. Not only women struggle with it; their colleagues do as well. Some individuals often not only leave remarks but also begin offering unpaid counsel and pointers.

“Of course, it is very serious,” Navin said in reference to body shaming. Since we were little, we have seen individuals making fun of one another’s race, religion, or caste. But in actuality, making fun of someone’s appearance—be it their form, color, or body—is almost illegal.

It is against human decency to make fun of someone else’s inadequacies or insecurities. Humanity is at peril from such behavior. Everybody has a private life that should be respected and not mocked. Everyone is unique, and you have to value and respect that. Since none of us are flawless, body shaming someone is not a proper approach to respect them as fellow people, he said.

Navin has also experienced various things.

“I have seen individuals backbiting about others at work, but I never took part in such discussions. Speaking from personal experience, renowned actor Tun Tun ji was made fun of for his weight. The actor said that even the very gifted performer Guddi Maruti ji was made fun of.

He went on to say, “But as an artist, you have to send a message to those around you that these kinds of hurtful remarks have no place in your life when you work in the entertainment business. We are not qualified to remark on the myriad of things that God has created since they are both intricate and exquisite in and of themselves.

Preventing others from following suit ought to be our responsibility. It is assumed that you are one of those who makes offensive remarks if you do not make an effort to stop them. He advised stopping such behavior first, and then pleading for pardon.

Navin asked everyone to respect themselves and their appearance and to take whatever action they can to put an end to such hurtful remarks.

It’s also not appropriate to do it with your friends. Such behavior is not appreciated by me. It has an ongoing impact on a person’s life,” he said.

The most well-known performance of Navin on “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” was his “Pehchan Kaun” act.


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