Report: Pankaj Tripathi will sue the creators of Azamgarh

Report: Pankaj Tripathi will sue the creators of Azamgarh

Bollywood star Pankaj Tripathi is upset with Azamgarh's producers because they are exploiting his name to promote the movie, in which he will appear as a Maulvi who guides young people into terrorism.

The plot of Kamlesh K. Mishra's movie Azamgarh is based on actual terrorist attacks. Pankaj Tripathi plays Maulvi in the movie's poster as well. According to media sources, the actor became upset when he learned that his name was being used to promote the movie. According to a report in India Today, the actor has decided to sue the film's producers.

This movie was filmed by Pankaj five years ago, but it was unable to be released at the time. According to sources for India Today, the actor was unaware that the movie had a release date. He learned about this after watching movie billboards. Although he is working on Oh My God 2, his name, which is being utilised for Azamgarh, may have an impact on the film.

Pankaj Tripathi reportedly doesn't want such "cheap stardom." He thus objects to the creators using his name for promotional purposes and threatens legal action if they do.

When asked earlier in an interview with Connect FM Canada whether he would stop from using filthy language in his movies, Pankaj said, "Yeah, I have made the decision to not do so. I'll choose to represent it creatively if my character requires it.

Pankaj said, "Haan woh mujhe betaur abhineta pasand karti hain uske liye aabhar," when informed that Shehnaaz had commended him in a portal interview. I'm grateful. Sidharth's ki yaad is open to him, Abhi aapne Shehnaaz bola. Sidharth bohot aadar karta tha mera, but Bohot logon ko nahi maalum hai, and Mein bataya bhi nahi hun. She does like me as an actress, she said in Hum Log Kaafi Connected They. I'm grateful. So, when you said Shehnaaz's name, I thought of Sidharth right away. Due to my lack of communication, not many people are aware that Sidharth formerly had a great deal of regard for me. We had a strong connection.