RRR Frenzy Continues: Japanese Pair Performs Amazing Version of "Naatu Naatu" in Honor of Oscars Victory

RRR Frenzy Continues: Japanese Pair Performs Amazing Version of "Naatu Naatu" in Honor of Oscars Victory

In honor of the popular song "Naatu Naatu" by RRR "Fans all over the globe have been making dancing videos and sharing their interpretations of the song, whether it has won Academy Awards or the Oscars. A Japanese couple named Kaketaku and Mayo provide a dynamic version of the Oscar-winning song in one such video that has gone viral. Dancer Kaketaku shared the video and a message of support for "Naatu Naatu" on his official Instagram account "for taking home an Oscar.

In the video, the two dressed as Ram Charan and Jr. NTR did in "Naatu Naatu" and imitated the same hook actions with the same fervor.

The video received over 125 thousand views and over 18 thousand likes in a short period of time. Several Instagram users also shared their love and support for their performance.

Several fans commended the pair for contributing to the song's global fame.

One user said, "By making your reels, you guys have also played a huge role in bringing the world to this Naatu Naatu music. One person commented, "Thank you very much. Your video was also featured today on the News Channel when they were showing how this song swept over the globe. You have made great progress.

It is noteworthy because a song from an Indian film has, for the first time ever, won the Oscar for Best Song.

With its vivacious and thrilling rhythm, this uplifting song, which has already won the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards for Best Original Song, has successfully captured fans. The song's lyrics were written by Chandrabose and it was composed by M.M. Keeravani.

The news of Naatu Naatu's accomplishment has prompted waves of delight to travel around the globe, with fans unable to control their happiness. The song's victory at the Oscars is a major source of pride for the Indian film industry, and the fact that it has attracted a large audience and received international recognition is proof of this.