Rs 1000 Fine for Riding a Superbike Without a Helmet or License Slapped on Dhanush’s Son Yatra

The son of well-known actor Dhanush was recently found riding a superbike in Chennai’s Poes Garden neighborhood without a legal driver’s license or a helmet, and he had to pay the penalty for breaking traffic laws. Due to the juvenile rider’s disdain for fundamental traffic safety precautions, a video of the event became viral on social media.

In the video, Yatra could be seen riding around the streets with a guide, perhaps picking up some tips on how to handle a two-wheeler. But it was the missing helmet and the hidden number plate on the bike that attracted attention from the public. To make matters worse, when the police confronted Dhanush’s son Yatra, he was unable to present a valid driver’s license.

Yatra’s mother, Aishwarya Rajinikanth, was the only person the police could trust to authenticate his identification. Even after announcing their separation a year ago, Dhanush and Aishwarya are still committed to ensuring the safety of their two kids, Yatra and Linga.

Dhanush is a devout devotee of the Hindu deity Shiva. He wed Aishwarya on November 18, 2004. It is noteworthy that he gave both of his boys Shaivite names, Yatra and Linga, which reflects his strong religious beliefs.

Following a probe following the traffic infraction, Yatra was fined Rs 1000 by the police. This fine acts as a reminder that all people are subject to traffic laws, irrespective of their origins or kinship ties. Everyone has a duty to drive safely, and famous people’s children are not excused from following the law.

The event highlights the need of wearing a helmet, an essential component of road safety that many riders sometimes overlook. In addition to being accessories, helmets provide vital protection against possible brain injuries in the case of an accident. Yatra’s fine, which was made public, should serve as a reminder to everyone on the need of following traffic laws in order to protect both oneself and other road users.

Yatra’s traffic infraction video went viral on social media, sparking debates about the necessity for more stringent enforcement of traffic laws. The event serves as a timely warning for riders to follow the rules and put safety above convenience in order to avoid getting into trouble with the law.


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