Russian light novel Alya Occasionally Hides Her Emotions receives a VTuber and anime adaptation

Russian light novel Alya Occasionally Hides Her Emotions receives a VTuber and anime adaptation

Alya Occasionally Hides Her Emotions in Russian, a series of Russian light novels, will be turned into a television anime, Japanese publisher Kadokawa said on Friday. The announcement's visuals were created by manga artist Saho Tenamachi and original cartoonist Momoco. Alisa Mihairovuna Kuj and Masachika Kuse, who were originally voiced by Sumire Uesaka and Khei Amasaki in the drama CD, will be brought to life once again in the anime adaptation. Pony Canyon will create the anime adaptation, Kadokawa said.

Get to know the players
Alisa, the "solitary princess" of Seiren Private School, is the protagonist of the narrative. She is a formidable force with her beautiful silver hair and stellar academic record. Masachika Kuse, who happens to sit next to her in class and is slack and forgetful, is the one person who manages to annoy her. Masachika has several annoying behaviors, but Alisa can't help but feel a peculiar connection with him; she even lets him call her by her nickname, Alya.

Despite the strong front Alisa puts on, she speaks to Masachika in Russian, a language none of her peers can understand, and shares her actual love for her. Masachika is not, however, as illiterate as he seems to be. He stealthily overhears Alisa's sweet admissions and attempts to interpret her flirty remarks. Will he eventually understand how deeply she feels for him, or will he keep being naive and allow the language barrier keep them apart?

Imprint for Sneaker Bunko and manga adaptation
The books are published by Kadokawa under the Sneaker Bunko banner, and on April 1st, the sixth volume will be released. A manga adaptation by Saho Tenamachi came just when readers of Alya Occasionally Hides Her Emotions in Russian believed they could not get enough. This visual treat, which debuted on Kodansha's Magazine Pocket app in October 2022, is taking readers on a thrilling journey through Alisa and Masachika's universe. Fans are expecting each new chapter with anticipation because to Tenamachi's distinctive style and the magnificent artwork in the manga.

announcement from VTuber
Alya will become a VTuber in addition to the anime adaption, giving the narrative a fresh angle.

The news that Alya Occasionally Hides Her Emotions in Russian will be adapted into an anime and made into a VTuber further heightens the enthusiasm. Viewers are eager to watch Alisa and Masachika's chemistry come to life on film.