Sai Ketan Rao, an Imlie actor, shares photos from his first paragliding adventure

Sai Ketan Rao, who gained popularity for his role in the popular television series Imlie, surprised his followers this past Wednesday by sharing a sneak peek at his most recent journey. He announced that he had crossed something off his bucket list by posting pictures from a recent adventure on Instagram.

Sai is seen beaming with happiness in the striking photos, his grin reflecting the excitement of the moment. He was having so much fun paragliding that every picture he took seemed to capture the spirit of his journey.

He posted the photos with the description, “Paragliding is one item on my bucket list that I can finally cross off.” Many more to check Thanks to the Indians for paragliding the Shabhala alongside the lake.

Sai’s admirers swamped his comments area with sincere answers. “Wow, everything looks so beautiful; everything seems round from the top,” said one admirer. This vista is breathtaking.

“We wish many of you to achieve many more, which you desire the most,” said another kind message. This joy endures always. Others joined in, with one expressing gratitude for Sai’s second request being granted, saying, “At last, one more wish fulfilled.”I hope it was enjoyable to chase the wind. Enjoy yourself immensely.

Curious, a second follower inquired, “Our paragliding is done now.I take it You want to do it???? Did you like it or were you afraid, by the way?

With the end of its run, Imlie has said its audience goodbye after almost four years of entertainment. Sai, who in the show portrayed the dual roles of Agasthya Singh Chaudhary and Surya Pratap Reddy, sent a touching message on social media on the last day of filming.

In retrospect, Sai emphasized the sympathetic qualities of the character, as well as his abiding love for Imlie and his family. “I did my best for Agasthya; he left people in wonder, made them laugh and cry, and most of all, he loved someone who he couldn’t be with. His story wasn’t finished, but Agasthya will always be in our hearts,” he wrote.

When it came to his portrayal of Agasthya’s twin brother Surya, Sai said, “A fearless police officer who looks at the world with eagle eyes, Robinhood kind of nature; he (Surya) served criminals with his own code of punishments, his world turned upside down the day he got to know about his twin brother.”

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