Sharon Stone sobs as she confesses to losing "half her money"

Sharon Stone sobs as she confesses to losing "half her money"

At a moving address at a charity event, Hollywood actress Sharon Stone sobbed as she admitted to losing "half her money to this banking mess."

The Hollywood actress, 65, urged audience members to donate money to the cause in an emotional speech at the Women's Cancer Research Fund's 'An Unforgettable Evening' event in Beverly Hills, California, according to She also admitted she was still determined to help despite suffering a significant financial setback.

"I know the thing that you have to go on and figure out how to text the money is tricky," Sharon said as she took the stage at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire hotel.

Despite my technical ignorance, I can write a f****** check. It takes bravery right now because I know what's going on. I just lost half of my money due to a banking issue, but it doesn't mean I'm not still here. Sharon did not provide any more information on the origin of her financial difficulties, but her admission comes soon after the week's financial markets were shaken by the headline-grabbing failure of Silicon Valley Bank.

The "Basic Instinct" actress also spoke of her sorrow at the loss of her brother Patrick Stone, who died away in February at the age of 57 after a struggle with heart illness, during the speech she delivered upon collecting the charity's Courage Award.

"My brother recently passed away, but it doesn't mean I'm not here," she said. None of us are having an easy time right now.

Even if the globe is going through a difficult moment, I won't let a politician tell me what I can and cannot do. What my life is worth and what it is not, as well as how I can and cannot live. So get up. Say what you're worth and stand up. I challenge you. That is what bravery entails. IANS