Shilpa Shetty to ‘Botlab Dynamics’ from India’s Got Talent: You Have Written History In The Sky

Shilpa Shetty, an actress and judge on “India’s Got Talent,” remarked that “Botlab Dynamics” has etched history in the sky with their skill after being left “speechless” by their cutting-edge invention with the drones.

The Delhi-based collective “Botlab Dynamics” will demonstrate how technology is reshaping the talent landscape by demonstrating that “the sky is the limit” as they grab the interest of millions with their ground-breaking and unique innovation. The emerging transformation in entertainment, where art and technology intersect to produce a completely immersive spectacle via drone shows, will be shown by the young, bright brains.

Botlab Dynamics will operate the drones to produce a stunning show of lights, patterns, and formations that will wow the judges and spectators and create a visual extravaganza. This extraordinary performance was made possible by roughly 30 engineers working with Botlab Dynamics over the course of nearly a month.


Shilpa expresses her admiration for their creativity by saying, “I am speechless. Everything seemed very genuine. Who said that history could only be found in books? With your ability, you have etched sky history.


Even though I’m not very tech-savvy, as a spectator, I was quite amazed by the act. More significantly, I was struck by the motivation with which you began this endeavor. You are really close to attaining it, and I feel extremely pleased about anything that would make India proud and number one,” she said.


Judge Badshah, who was previously affiliated with the group, continues the praise by saying, “I’ve known Botlab dynamics for a while. I had a drone show concept for one of my gigs. I then found Botlab when looking for a drone service and got in touch with them.


With their in-house technology and forethought, they have also decreased the cost of air drone displays. It is admirable how you infused the performance with an Indian element, and it perfectly encapsulates our year’s theme, “Vijayi Vishwa Hunar Hamara.”We are now ranked second in the world for drone shows as a result of you, and I have no doubt that we will surpass you in a year or two, said Badshah.


Sony hosts the tenth season of India’s Got Talent.