Shocking! Police are called when a man bursts into Rihanna's LA house and asks her to marry him

Shocking! Police are called when a man bursts into Rihanna's LA house and asks her to marry him

A guy who showed up unannounced on Rihanna's doorstep with an odd proposition for the singer caused a disturbance at her home.

The singer must have been surprised by this unforeseen intrusion, particularly considering that she is expecting her second child and has a small kid at home.

Regrettably, Rihanna has experienced this before; burglars have come after her home. Such occurrences endanger the safety and privacy of celebrities as well as the irrational behavior of her fervent fans. The recent shocking occurrence has made Rihanna's house a police hotspot.

This is what happened.

An unknown guy apparently attempted to break into Rihanna's California home on Thursday in order to pop the question to the singer. Security for Rihanna quickly caught the trespasser and reported him to the police.

The individual was taken into custody for trespassing on the singer's premises at approximately 12:30. He was casually attired in sweatpants and a bright red sweatshirt as police took him off of the property, but he was finally released after a brief interrogation since he was unable to enter Rihanna's house.

There are several unknowns surrounding the event, including if Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, or their kid were there at the attempted break-in. The singer has not yet responded to the persistent issue of an uninvited guest staying at her house.

Another occurrence this year

Unwanted incursions have often targeted Rihanna's home, one of which happened in 2018.

A guy named Eduardo Leon was detained at that period after being found hiding inside her Los Angeles house for at least 24 hours.

He confirmed having sexual encounters with the performer when questioned by authorities. Fortunately for Rihanna, she was out of town and far from the terrifying incident.